WP Finance 1.3.5


As for today there are not many accounting and personal financing solutions for bloggers. WP Finance is a plugin for WordPress designed to help bloggers keep track of their income, expenses and provide an overview of current financial status. With WP Finance you will be able to keep an eye on your blog expenses and income like income from advertising such as Google AdSense, BlogAds and others. Plugin could be a good option for non-commercial WordPress based websites too. We added a shortcode that you can include into your blog posts or pages to share your financial details with your blog visitors. Enjoy plugin and let us know what you think!

Todo List

Here is the current list of features that are taken in consideration for future development of WP Finance plugin.

  • Allow to specify tax for the financial record (suggested by Sven)
  • Allow to upload and attach invoice to the record
  • Movements associated with posts (example one post and various movements in the debit and the credit). (suggested by Patricio)
  • Categorize the Income and Expenses with custom categories (requested by James)
  • Add Export to Excel (CSV)

Installation and Pricing

WP Finance plugin for WordPress is available free of charge. You can download WP Finances directly from your blog or get archive from WordPress.org. Enjoy!