The idea is very simple. When we receive a text message a smart phone application (smsServer) that is running in the background will receive notification about such event. Within a second or so the message will be opened and the content of SMS then will be sent over active Internet link (Wi-Fi or 3G). The main advantage of such approach is the fact that we no longer need to connect mobile phone to server or sign contracts with SMS gateway providers. Therefore, we only have to run the smsServer on the smartphone which could be in Wi-Fi or 3G Internet range and be supplied with source of electricity (as the battery would drain eventually).

How it works

You might be wondering how this works and what are the requirements for your environment to have live SMS and MMS feed on your website. To begin with you need any Symbian S60v3 FP1 or later device, preferably with WiFi connectivity as you might receive dozens of MMS messages with high definition photos or images from your users. By simply installing and configuring your smsServer application and providing your web service URL you already make it possible to receive SMS and MMS messages on your website. The last piece of this puzzle would be writing a small service that would process HTTP requests and store the request information into database or text file. There are no specific requirements for your server you can use any language you want like PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python to process those requests.

Installation and Pricing

smsServer application for Symbian phones is available for 9.99 EUR. We will guide you through whole process starting from choosing the right device to presenting the incoming SMS and MMS messages on your website. Contact us today!