BeSocial is an application that allows sharing your contacts with other people using NFC. By simply touching other NFC enabled phone you will share your personal contact information and receive same information from your friend. While not many phones supports NFC we also implemented QR tag into application. Simply take a picture of the tag your friend is showing to you and you will receive the same contact information instantly!

Application Features

  • Easy to use! Just touch both phones to exchange contacts!
  • Supports phone that do not have NFC chip
  • Has a radar function that lets you discover your friends close by
  • Ad Free

Supported Symbian Phones

Symbian^3 Belle: Nokia E7-00 Belle, Nokia E6-00 Belle, Nokia N8-00 Belle, Nokia 500 Belle, Nokia X7-00 Belle, Nokia 701, Nokia C7-00 Belle, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia C6-01 Belle, and Nokia Oro Belle Symbian^3 Anna/PS1: Nokia E6-00, Nokia C7-00, Nokia X7-00, Nokia Oro, Nokia 702T, Nokia 500, Nokia N8-00, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 Astound, Nokia E7-00, and Nokia T7-00