WP Finance update released (1.2.x)

WP Finance 1.2.0 released a bit earlier and soon after some bugs were discovered. Current version is bumped to 1.2.2 and should work as expected on all platforms. If you encounter any bugs, there is a special thread on wordpress support forum. You can list all the bugs there or simply email us wpfinance[at]mindomobile.com.

There is not much improvements visible for end user, main reason for that 1.2.x was released to update its backend code base and solve complex update issues that were present in 1.1.x branch. There is though some few improvements that should be visible for end user. First of all new configuration and help menus as well as minor financial report improvements. In 1.2.x we had to remove charts support as the library is outdated. The charts support should be brought in later releases.

Another issue you might encounter is the translations. As plugin core was completely rewritten we added some new text string that are not yet translated. You  can submit your translations and we will push it as soon as possible to 1.2.x branch.

There are some more improvements lined up so stay tunned.

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Mindo Mobile Reloaded

The first year was very productive for MindoMobile. We manage to complete several important projects and offer you handy Symbian applications. Over the past year we noticed that many of our visitors use smart phones and tablet computers to access the website so today we introduce a new look for MindoMobile.com.

Completely new design based on WordPress theme Responsive will provide best browsing experiences for everyone. With new looks we will continue on working on new creative applications for smartphones, tablets and personal computers. We will not forget WordPress plugins ether. WP Finance is still in makeover process and should be officially released soon along with few other WordPress plugins. Enjoy!

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Windows Phone Marketplace game market analysis

Windows Phone 7 is yet another operating system for mobile devices and yet another platform for mobile developers. While Android and Apple iOS hold the major share in the smart phone application market, the main question is: “Should mobile developers publish their apps for Windows Phone 7 too?”
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Qt LightMaps Map Marker

For the past weeks I was working on new app which includes GPS positioning and maps. My first idea was to use Google Maps, but unfortunately terms and conditions are not acceptable so I had to drop the idea.

After some serious Google’ing I decided to use Open Street Map solution. The code example of implementation could be found here. The main problem I faced with example it didn’t include the map marker, which was a must for my application so I had to find some solution how to stick the marker on open street maps.
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